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Adobe stops development for Mobile Flash

Today Adobe announced that the company will stop the development for the Mobile Flash Player. Apple already banned Flash from the iPhone & iPad devices, because the Flash plugin is too heavy and uses too much battery power. Android and Windows Phone still have a Flash Plugin available.

Adobe is going to focus on encouraging developers on using Adobe Air for App development for all big Appstores. A very popular alternative for Adobe Flash is HTML5. Adobe Air is using this principle for it's applications.

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ISP’s exaggerate prices data traffic

Fresh from a research, done by a cooperation between BBC, Blinkbox, Channel 4, Skype and Yahoo. It has become evident that internet providers exaggerate the costs of data traffic. Data traffic is rising sky high with more movies and chatting on the internet. ISP's are trying to get more profitable by claiming that heavy websites or services, like Skype, WhatsApp or Youtube need to pay for the traffic they generate.

This research has concluded that the costs for data traffic are only a small percentage of the total costs, like show below in the figure.  New developments in technology also provide for a future decrease of costs. The research is mainly focused on wired networks. Wireless networking has higher costs, but the price the consumer has to pay is a lot higher than the costs of the data traffic.

For more information about this research, you can download the research here: Plum_October2011_The_open_internet_-_a_platform_for_growth




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Holiday Japan, Autum Equinox Day

Today is a special holiday in Japan, the Atum Equinox Day. This day is specially to honor one's ancestors and the dead. Lots of people visits graves on this day.

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Planet discovered with 2 suns

American Astronomers discovered the first planet with 2 suns, a planet named Kepler 16b. The planet looks like the planet Tatooine from the movie Star Wars, but it's terribly cold, with a temperature from -73 till -101 degrees.

The planet is about as big as Saturn and you need to travel 200 light years to visit the planet. Both suns are smaller than the sun of our solar system.

Because the 2 suns are close to each other, there is no constant daylight. Every 20,5 day the suns go in an eclipse. A sunset will take long.

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NASA shows new space vehicle

After the space shuttle, a new era lies ahead for NASA. They plan to bring new astronauts further in space, a new goal, called planet Mars.

The new space rocket looks very similar to the first rockets NASA developed, but they have combined the 2 space vehicles. Now you can find two booster rockets on the sides of the main tank. The rockets shall be driven by liquid hydrogen and oxygen. The first rockets have a capacity of 77 to 100 tons, but they plan on rising it to 130 tons.

The main difference between the Space Shuttle and the new Space Rocket, is that the space Rocket has a very limited lifetime. It can only be used once. This was because the maintenance of the Space Shuttle where very high. NASA hopes to test the rockets from 2017.


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Battery time Playstation Vita

The Playstation Vita shall launch in Japan in December. It is a very packed device, with touch controls on the back and front and two anolog sticks. However, the battery time is very disappointing.

When you are gaming, you can game 3 hours. When you are watching a movie, the battery will hold out about 5 hours. But you can listen 9 hours long to music, if you put the Playstation Vita in standby.

If you want to check the full specifications, please open the entire article.

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View of the earth

NASA has put a camera on the IIS space station. Thanks to this, we have a nice view of the earth from space. The movie is one minute.

In the movie you will see the following:  Vancouver Island, Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, different cities in Texas, New Mexico en Mexico, Mexico City, Gulf of Mexico, peninsula Yucatan, thunder above the Silent Ocean, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chili and the Amazone.

Enjoy the view!

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Earthquake near Japan

An earthquake occured on 126km east of Japan on the 16th of September 2011. There was no danger for a tsunami. The power on the tsunami was 6,6. A heavy earthquake, but there were no signs of damage.

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Respect for the Aged Day

Respect for the Aged Day is held in Japan, on every third monday in September. This national holiday was originally held on 15 september, but has been moved to monday, due to the Happy Monday System. A system designed to make work easier for fulltime workers, so they can have a 3 day weekend.

The Respect for the Aged Day is especially for the elderly people, so we can care for them, just a little bit more than we normally do. The Japanese media take this opportunity to report on the population and highlighting the oldest people in the country

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Windows 8

Microsoft introduced his new operating system, called Windows 8. Windows 8 shall bring great changes and is different than we're used to. The biggest change is the new starting menu: Metro.

The Windows 8 Metro userinterface

Metro is an interface, that's already used in Microsoft Zune HD-mediaspeler and Windows 7 Phone. It is also used in Windows XP Media Center, released in 2002. It's name and it's design refers to the design airports and subways use.  The design you can see on the right, shows different tiles. These are called Live Tiles and are dynamic and fully customizable. The menu you are used to, are hidden on the edges.


Metro applications
Together with the introducing of the new operating system,  Microsoft announces a new type of application, the Metro applications. They use the same design as the start menu. The share and settings charms are dependant on the applications that is currently opened. The used applications choose what kind of information they would like to share. To share items by email or to Social Media like Facebook or Twitter you will need to have the correct applications installed. There is also a device charm, which can be used to send information to other devices.

Multiple applications can easily share one screen, to make it even easier for you to multitask.With a simple click and sweep, you can add another application.

These applications will be sold via the new Windows Store. Developers can send their applications with Visual Studio. Unfortunately the Windows Store wasn't available for testing.

Old desktop interface
Aside from the introduction of the new Metro interface, the old interface is still available. The old interface is hidden and when you press the Start button, you will return to the new interface. Old applications don't work with the new interface, so you will have to open the old desktop interface to run those programs. The old desktop interface has also changed. It's a bit more simplistic, like the new Metro interface.

The new Version of Windows introduces a new feature called Connected Standby. This mode uses very little energy, but the network interfaces are still active, so the system can still send and receive data. This is the same method most smart phones use.

Another feature is Page Combining. To reduce memory usage, Windows 8 looks for memory pieces that are identical. The system then removes the double memory and links to the remaining memory.

Boot time is much shorter than the old Windows versions. At shutdown the user session closes, but the kernel session writes itself to the hard disk. At startup it boots itself with this kernel, reducing the boot time.

Microsoft implemented Windows Defender in it's bootstage, making it a safer to use your computer. With this feature Windows checks if there are any virusses operating at runtime, so they can be secured. It's also possible to disable Windows Defender, so you can install a virus scanner you like.

Windows Live
The online services of Windows Live are better integrated in Windows than ever. A user can login in Windows with his Live username and password. Also connections to social networks are better implemented with Windows Live. Do you have multiple devices with Windows or Windows Phone? Then you're data will be seamlessly synchronized.

New Internet Explorer
Windows 8 shall contain 2 versions of Internet Explorer. One for the new Metro interface and one for the old desktop interface. Internet Explorer 10 is available in the Metro interface. The browser uses hardware rendering to make sure it's one of the fastest browser currently available. The new Internet Explorer can use lot's of different new effects like, shadows, 3D transformations and animations. CSS3 support is also available.

A disadvantage however is that Internet Explorer 10 does not support Flash or Silverlight or other plugins. This is to save the battery time of the device and to ensure the stability of the browser.

Microsoft has also announced that Windows 8 can be run on ARM architecture, which mostly is used in smart phones or tablets. ARM processors produce less heat and use less energy.

Want to try the new Windows? There is a developers preview available at Microsoft MSDN.

Windows 8 Server
Windows 8 server is also announced. A developers preview is already available at Microsoft MSDN. The operating system is not available for ARM systems, because ARM chips are 32 bits and Windows server is exclusively available for 64 bits. Windows 8 Server is developed with previous experiences from Windows Azure. Thanks to this cloud technique, Microsoft promises high availability and disaster recovery for low costs.

The biggest change of Windows 8 Server is that there is no User Interface. The User Interface can be installed, but is by default deactivated.  

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